Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boob Tube'n :: Episode 20 :: Last Post Blow Out!

(October, 1962)

(January, 1979)

(September, 1965)

(October, 1970)

(September, 1964)

(May, 1980)

(September, 1970)

(September, 1979)

(September, 1973)

(October, 1980)

(September, 1974)

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Stacia said...

Woah! The Henderson Monster -- I saw that. Years ago when I saw a Nova about an algae that was dumped out of a window into the river below (wreaking ecological havoc), I vaguely remembered seeing a made-for-TV movie with a plot that was similar. This is that movie!

God, I loved Jason Miller.

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