Monday, February 21, 2011

A Red-Hot Chain of Crime and Double Cross that Rips Up the Screen :: Robert Parrish's Cry Danger (1951)

(November, 1951)

This post is part of my contribution for the For the Love of Film (Noir) Blogathon hosted by Ferdy on Film and The Self-Styled Siren. Be sure to donate what you can, and then click on over to check out all the entries. (Be sure to check out their Facebook page, too.) And the way things are shaping up, I should have enough material to post a new movie for every night of the week long retrospective.

You know how when you're watching Detour and, no matter how remastered the DVD cover touts it to be, the film looks like it's been through a thrasher, a blender, and then wrapped in tin-foil and micro-waved on high for about ten minutes. Frustrating, right? Well, the fine folks behind the For the Love of Film (Noir) blogathon are raising money to salvage and restore these old noir films. This year all proceeds will go toward restoring Cy Endfield's The Sound of Fury a/k/a Try and Get Me. And all you gotta do is click on the link below and donate what you can. Now do it, before I sic crazy Vera on all of ya!

Cry Danger (1951) Olympic Productions Inc.-RKO Radio Pictures / D: Robert Parrish / W: William Bowers / C: Joseph F. Biroc / E: Bernard W. Burton / P: W.R. Frank, Sam Wiesenthal / S: Dick Powell, Rhonda Fleming, William Conrad, Jean Porter, Richard Erdman

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